The New Design Graduates Training Program (NDGT) comes full circle with its pioneering batch of NDGT fellows.

About Hatch

From exploring their unique design sensibilities and gaining a strong grasp of the fundamental elements of design in the Incubation and Apprenticeship Phases, the NDGT fellows emerge from the program as matured design professionals with a firm understanding of the business of design.
Developed in the spirit of the German School of Design, Bauhaus, the NDGT Program focused on strengthening each fellow’s creativity and skills in a series of modules grounded on the value of craftsmanship and supplemented with experiential learning sessions that exposed them to the manufacturing and business sides of the design practice under the mentorship and guidance of the industry’s top and most respected talents.
Hatch is the NDGT fellows’ culminating exhibit, showcasing functional objects that fuse empathy, art and problem solving relevant to the present times.

Mood Boards

Pastel Play characterizes the desire to explore on colors and shapes, bringing out a youthful and whimsical vibe to modern spaces. Products were given light colourful tones and distinct quirkiness serving as accent pieces. Although each design was made to be able to uniquely stand out on its own, they also collectively captivate a harmonious feel that transports its audience to a place of fun and playfulness.

Warm Rhythm expresses simple geometric approaches on natural designs, allowing them access to modern interiors despite the use of natural materials. The inorganic arrangement of the medium gives the designs an exuberant feel whereas the application of the warm and dark tones creates a homey ambiance to any desired room. The designs invoke a pleasant feeling that imitates the beauty in life’s simplicities in life found through the rawness of the materials.

Eco Naturals/Childhood Nostalgia celebrates the origins of handicrafts, especially how primitive materials can already be translated to forms that you can engage with. As the title implies, these products were inspired from older crafts, those that were mostly experienced from childhood (and may have existed longer), which are then developed to fit in with today’s trends.

About NDGT

The New Design Graduates Training (NDGT) Program was established to give emerging designers a chance to expand their potential through a three-phase training program that ran for a year and four months. The three phases are Incubation, Apprenticeship and Atelier.

▪ NDGT 1.0 or Incubation – focused specifically on strengthening of the participants’ philosophy and orientation towards design fundamentals to nurture a unique creative voice.
▪ NDGT 2.0 or Apprenticeship – geared towards the best practice of design, deeper appreciation of craftsmanship, cultural sensitivity, and application of the learnings from the incubation phase.
▪ NDGT 3.0 or Atelier – directed specifically towards the business of design and merging design skills with business strategies, design and practice management, and team building, combining all the learnings from the previous phases.

Previous Exhibits

The NDGT Program have organized several exhibitions as a synthesis of participants learnings from each phase. For Incubation Phase – Learning Crafts and Anatomy of Product Design, NDGT showcased their developed forms and products at the RAW and EDIT Exhibitions. For the Apprenticeship Phase, NDGT worked in a design studio for the Manila FAME April 2018 Show Design Commune Special Setting.

RAW September 2017

The learning crafts were explored by makers and experts teaching the fundamentals in making fine handcrafted works that will reflect participants’ unique design sensibility. These crafts include pottery, embroidery, papermaking, carpentry, metal work and resin casting.

Raw: Learning Crafts is the synthesis of participant’s learnings during the Incubation phase and showcased the outputs produced with the different technique applied.

EDIT November 2017 and January 2018

EDIT – Objects Redesigned featured reimagined designs of handpicked bestsellers brewed from the fresh minds of NDGT Program Participants in collaboration with their partner manufacturers. The exhibit is a synthesis of the trainings undergone and the learning acquired during the first phase of the three-part training program.

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